Science Workshop 2020

Main Features:

1. Robot Models

2. Drone Models

3. Aeroplane Models

4. Automatic Switch Technology

5. Sensor Based Switching Technology

Some other attractive and innovative working models will be exhibited on final day.


Day 1: 

Workshop will be started with-

1. Introducing electronic/electrical components

2. Introducing Magnetic properties, working of Motors and Relays

3. Introducing Micro-controllers

4. Introducing radio Transmitter and Receiver

5. Introducing Sensors- like ultrasonic, temperature, IR, etc.

    Tea Break (20 min)

6. Making 1st working model

7. Introducing Drone Technology

8. Introducing Brushless Motors

9. Introducing LiPo Batteries

10. Making 2nd Working Model

Day 2: 

Workshop will be started with-

1. Introducing Robotics

2. Introducing Arduino Micro-controller

3. Introducing Servo Motors

4. Making 3rd Working Model

5. Let all participants make their own working models

    Tea Break (20 min)

6. Checking all Working Models 

7. Exhibition of all Models

8. Evaluation

9. Declaration of Winner(s) and Prize Distribution

10. Speeches regarding this workshop by participants, their teachers and trainers

Eligibility for Participation:
All science students of class 9th to 12th can participate in this workshop.
Registration link will be published soon...