Digital Auraiya Campaign

Smart City, Model City

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Play with your technical skill

First develop your skills and then other's to spread various technologies and skills all over your village, city, state, country and then to the world!!!

Our Mission:

Improvement of Digital Education

Improving digital education, we can achieve our goal in some ways. We are living in a era in which global digitization process is being run so fast. So there is need to improve digital education all over the country for securing top position in the world in this criteria. 

Improvement of Technical Education

Technical education is most important for progressing in any field or any sector. We can change the world by improving various technologies and technical skills. Using technical skill, one can develop himself/herself as well as his/her country.


Improvement of Industrial Education

Industrial Education plays an important role in development of a locality/city/state/country. We need everything which can develop the infrastructure of any sector and one of those is Industrial Education. 

Opening Online Portal for Various Video Tutorials

We are planning to open an online education portal to reach the education to everywhere digitally. If there is no digital devices or lack of resources, then we'll conduct smart classes with the help of projectors & other accessories at every locality(mohalla) where any student/child can study without any interruption. 

Opening Digital Library for Online Reading/Viewing

We are planning to open a digital library where many ebooks & tutorial videos will be available for everyone. One can read, view or download these materials for free. This will be very helpful for studying online. Everything will be categorized on the basis of subject or type of the material. 

Installing Smart Devices in Sensitive Areas of the City

There should be something smart in our city such as cameras, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, fire alarm, etc. These devices should be installed in most sensitive areas of the city. This will make our city really a smart city or hi-tech city. 

Opening 'City Multimedia Studio'

We are also planning for opening a hi-tech multimedia studio in our city. This studio will play an important role for encouraging cultural activities, movie making, online teaching, etc. 

Creating Cultural Groups for Various Cultural Activities

This will introduce about the culture of our India and the World. Different cultural groups will represent various regional cultures of the India and as well as all over the World. 

Opening a 'Public Theater' 

Our city has no theater in present time, so we have decided to open a public theater for entertainment & other cultural activities. 

Opening a 'Farmer's Club' for Assisting Farmers 

Farmer's Club is our dream project. So we are planning to start a Farmer's Club for helping the farmers of our district. We will also provide financial support to poor farmers later.